This  is  the  first  time  my  daughter  has  done  Ballet ( 4 and a half years old ) !  She  loves  it  so  much  and  can't  wait  to  go  every  week . Teachers  are  professional  and  amazing  with  the  children.....Highly  recommend  it .

                                                           - Paula  Ringrose -

Hello  everyone , my  daughter  Victoria  started  Ballet  at  3  years  old  with  Acts  Dance . She  spent  7  years  at  Acts  Dance  and  she  totally  loved  it . Not  only  the  quality  of  the  teaching  is  really  high  and  confident  but  the  atmosphere  is  warm  and  friendly , to  the  point  that  it  feels  like  family .

Thank  you  from  the  bottom  of  my  heart  dear  Rachel  and  Hillary  for  those  amazing  years !


                                                            - Macha  Bellotti -

Kids  dancing  is  one  thing . Kids  dancing  and  loving  it  is  all  together  another  thing . That's  what  my  child  loves  about  this  place  and  the  people .

                                                                  - Daniel  Lo -

My  daughters  have  been  with  Acts  Dance  for  7  years  now  and  still  enjoy  dancing .


                                                               - Elaine  Chai -


      @ FACEBOOK

My  daughter , nearly 6 , enjoyed  the  Jazz  class  on  Monday , very  much , the  teacher  is  amazing , they  dance  on  hits  music , so  cute !!! Highly recommended .

                                                      - Agnes  Soulier -

Daughter  is  in  Grade  6 . Mummy  zero  Ballet  background . One  day  I  decided  to  add  Ballet  to  my  workout  regime . I  read  somewhere  that  it  can  build  strength  in  a  different  way . Rachel  coaxed  my  old  bones  to  Allegro , Adage , Frappes , you  name  it . 16  months  later , I'm  still  at  it . Mummies , sign  up  for  adult  Ballet  at  Acts  Dance . They  won't  pamper  you , but  your  legs  will  grow  stronger , your  arms  leaner , and  your  posture  straighter . Don't  be  shy ! ( Luckily  I  don't  have  to  take  exam )


                                                               - Joanne  Tan -

I  was  looking  for  a  Ballet  class  in  order  to  introduce  my  6  year  old  daughter  to  Ballet . I  found  Acts  Dance  and  I  am  really  happy . Teachers  at  Acts  Dance  are  very  professional  and  has  inspired  my  daughter , the  teachers  have  their  own  way  of  teaching  Ballet  in  a  fun  way  but  still  with  all  the  rigour  and  discipline  it  requires . The  studio  is  very  cozy  and  the  atmosphere  is  very  friendly , you  really  feel  like  you're  part  of  a  big  family !!!

                                                          - Nadia  Kerriou -

My  daughter  has  spent  her  formative  years 

5 - 13  years  old  in  Acts  Dance  under  the  guidance  of  Rachel . I  must  say  the  environment  and  the  art  of  Ballet  is  in  itself  has  set  a  good  platform  in  developing  the  right  qualities  for  her . Most  importantly , she  is  still  loving  it .

                                            - Anne  Siew  Ping  Lim - 

Since  moving  to  KL  2  years  ago , my  daughter  has  been  at  Acts  Dance . She  has  progressed  a  lot  in  her  Ballet  classes.... Thanks  to  teachers  at  Acts  Dance .

                                   - Natalie  Ramsamooj-Pariag - 

My  daughter  has  been  learning  Ballet  at  Acts  Dance  since  the  age  of  4.... close  to  10  years . She's  now  in  Intermediate  Foundation . The  number  of  years  with  Acts  Dance  speaks  for  itself .

                                                  - Hasmarina  Hassan -

Very  cozy  and  compact  dance  studio ! My  daughters  did  Ballet  and  Acrojazz  here  and  absolutely  loved  it . Teachers  are  great  and  passionate  about  what  they  teach .

                                            - Syafinaz  Kamaruddin -

My  daughter  has  been  with  Acts  Dance  for  6  years  now  and  she  is  still  loving  it . It's  amazing  to  watch  her  progress over  the  years  and  most  of  all  having  lots  of  fun  and  never  giving  up .

                                                                - Mily  Liang -

If  you  are  looking  for  someone  to  nurture  or  guide  or  develop  your  love  or  talent  in  dance , there's  no  better  person  than  Rachel . The  teachers  are  dedicated , patient , passionate  and  creative . Rachel  gave  my  daughter  a  very  strong  foundation  in  Ballet  allowing  her  to  excel  even  now  in  Australia . My  daughter  just  loved  her  classes ( Ballet , Acrojazz , Violin ) . We  miss  you  Acts  Dance .

                                             - Stella  Lee  Meng  Hui -

My eldest daughter has been at Acts Dance for 7 years and has become a graceful, beautiful dancer thanks to Miss Rachel's excellent teaching. My other daughter couldn't wait to start ballet having watched her sister for two year, so she began ballet at 2 years old, still in diapers! She has been dancing for 6 years and it has really helped her weak posture and coordination. Both girls have gone on to learn other forms of dance and have excelled in them due to the excellent grounding they have had with Miss Rachel. The biannual shows that the young adult dancers choreograph are amazing and it gives the children confidence to perform in front of a large audience. It is with a heavy heart that we leave KL this July and say goodbye to Miss Rachel, Hillary and the friends we have made at Acts Dance Studio. But my girls will continue to dance, because it has been such an important and enjoyable part of their weekly routine. Thank you Rachel.

                                                           - Nepp Kearton -

My two daughters have been taught ballet at Acts Dance since they were five years old. They have loved their classes and teacher Rachel both over the last 5/6 years. They have both excelled and progressed in their abilities and gracefulness thanks to the efforts put in by Rachel. They have been rewarded with the hard work by receiving merits and distinctions in their exam results. I would heartily recommend Acts Dance and Rachel to anyone looking for a studio for their child to learn this wonderful art.

                                                     - Emma Lisa Jarlow-

My daughter has been attending ballet and acrojazz (rhythmic gymnastics, jazz and hip hop) classes for 5 years since she was 4 years old. She enjoys the classes tremendously and these classes have also helped her in her RG journey. I would recommend Acts Dance to anyone with little girls who are interested in dancing. Thanks Rachel.

                                                             - Adeline Tsan -

It was an exciting time for my daughter to start ballet and jazz 2 years ago at Acts Dance. She looks forward to each class and blossoms through the years. Although it is a small studio which makes it cosy it has amazing teachers. Girls are closed knitted. Thank you Rachel for sparing your patience and nurturing the girls in a positive way hence the build up in their confidence. I can't wait for the Halloween Dance in Damas. Thank you Acts Dance for the opportunity.


Congratulations to our students who took the Imperial Society (ISTD UK) ballet exam last year.

From 5 year old Pre-Primary , Grades , Majors to Professional Teacher's Exam !

90% achieved top 2 categories.

Keep up the good work everyone! :D


Congratulations to our  Junior Jazz student Sara for winning Silver and our Junior Jazz Troupes 12 & under category for winning the Honorary Mention Award during the 4th CSTD Competition held on June 12 at Temple of Fine Arts.  


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